Anna Maria Island is a gorgeous island off the coast of Florida

Anna Maria Island is a gorgeous island off the coast of Florida on the Western side in the Gulf of Mexico. The sands of the beaches are a dazzling white like sugar crystals and the water is a clear turquoise blue. It is a beautiful place to go.

Anna Maria Island is a popular vacation destination because of its beauty. While there you don’t have to rent a hotel room. There are houses that you can rent that will give you so much more space to spread out. When you rent a house, you have more than a bedroom and a bathroom. You can truly feel at home on the island when you rent a house. You have a kitchen to prepare you own food if you choose. You have a separate living room to use for relaxation when you are there. Renting a house on Anna Maria Island allows you to feel at home and not like you are cramped into a small space as a temporary visitor.

Anna Maria Island has something for everyone to enjoy. Don’t underestimate this island because of the size of it. Special care has been taken to ensure that there are activities for visitors to enjoy. There are spas to relax and rejuvenate your body and soul at. You can take in a show at the theater, go paddleboarding or parasailing if you want to do something more adventurous with your day. For a quiet day, you can visit the historical sites or museum. Plus, there are dazzling beaches outside your door that await your arrival to enjoy them.

This little island also has shops galore as well as many restaurants to choose from if you want a meal out. There are so many eateries and different types of restaurants that you would never be bored with your choices. A wide variety of foods are served to please every taste.

At the end of the day you can retire to your rental house and stretch out to enjoy the space you have. With a house rental you will feel like you are a resident of the island instead of a visitor. The amenities a rental house offers you will make you feel right at home on Anna Maria Island.

How much will tickets cost from here and back?

How much would two airplane tickets, for one child (13) and one adult cost from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Los Angeles, California? Then an airplane back?

Airfares are inconsistent and generally fluctuates everyday. Try to browse on several sites offering different pricing plans & cheap airfares. You should try to avoid weekends. Weekdays provide cheap airfare deals to save your money on traveling.

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